Dental Treatment

Gum disease is also known as periodontal disease and is a major cause of tooth loss if it remains untreated. The problem begins with bacteria causing inflammation in theregion where the tooth is surrounded by the gums. This is called gingivitis and occurs if the oral hygiene is not sufficient. If the problem persists and there is noimprovement in the oral hygiene it can lead to progression of gum disease.


The symptoms include bleeding gums during tooth brushing, red swollen gums, mobile teeth,drifting teeth and bad breath.

Early Stages Of Gum Disease


Intermediate Stages Of Gum Disease


Advanced Stages Of Gum Disease


The bacteria which cause the problem produce toxins which attack and damage the ligaments and bone supporting the tooth, resulting in mobility of the tooth. Eventually this will lead to tooth loss.

The Dental Hygienist will provide you with the information to improve the problem. She also has the skill and expertise to help you to gradually reduce the risk of gum disease through scaling and polishing problem areas.